Thursday, July 18, 2013

The 1-2-3

I started thinking about my sartorial belligerence a few weeks ago when I wore three lobster-themed components in one outfit.  I hit upon the idea that one piece is a novelty, two could be construed as a slip, but three is an obviously conscious decision.  Today's outfit is a decision.  

Dress, thrifted; sandals, Younkers; earrings, Target; necklace, purchased in India.

My three animal prints include a leopard, a zebra, and a reptile.  I can't decide whether I prefer the look of three different animal prints or three of the same print.  I like both.  A friend commented that I look like an animal.  I had to correct him that I actually look like three animals.

This dress is one of my long-time favorites.  It has served me well through thick and thin (waistlines).  Would you experiment with dressing in threes?

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