Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh Yes She Did

I recently read Clinton Kelly's book Oh No She Didn't: The Top 100 Style Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them.  Some of his advice is good, like that which focuses on finding a good fit.  A lot of the advice is just bitchy.  I certainly know that a little judgmental cattiness can be fun, but ultimately you don't become a happier person by criticizing others.  I maintain that women (and men) should dress in a way that makes them happy.  Clinton would probably not approve of this outfit.  Probably for a lot of reasons, but especially because of all the lobsters.

Cardigan, thrifted; camisole, Sam's Club; skirt, thrifted; tights, Walmart; shoes, Payless Shoes, earrings, Claire's; necklace, thrifted.

Of course I paired a lobster print skirt with a lobster necklace and lobster purse.  One piece would be a novelty, two might be an error in judgement, but combining all three is obviously intentional.  I'm allergic to real lobsters, so I have to make do with sartorial ones.

I've met a couple of women lately who routinely pair footless tights with dresses, and they tend to look lovely.  I am trying footless tights with this skirt because it is short and I'm volunteering this afternoon.  I want to make sure I'm covered for whatever I end up doing.

Full disclosure: I didn't carry this bag as my purse today.  I had my knitting in it.

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