Sunday, November 24, 2013

The 36 Hour Outfit

What should I wear when I know I'm going to wear it for 36 hours?  It should be comfortable.  It should be warm.  It should pass easily through airport security.  It should be this.

Dress, thrifted; sweater, Target; tights, Target; earrings, TJ Maxx; necklace, gifted (thanks, Jason!); boots, Rack Room Shoes; jacket, thrifted; scarf, handmade and gifted (thanks, Mary Ann!).

For better or worse, this is what I wore from early Friday morning in Augusta until mid afternoon Saturday in Paris.  It did everything I needed.  I tend to be cold on airplanes, but the sweater dress, scarf, and two pairs of tights kept me toasty.

Convertible fingerless gloves/mittens added warmth combined with camera-manipulation ability.

Here's the outfit after those 36 hours.  My face is greasy and my hair has given up, but I'm happy to be in Paris!

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