Monday, March 18, 2013


These two dresses go perfectly together, but I'm not sure that is a good thing.  The colors in the multi-colored dress are kind of weird and muddy: pink, olive green, and navy blue.  The olive of the shirt dress is a near match.

Shirt dress, Walmart; multi-colored dress, thrifted; belt, thrifted; tights, Target; boots, Rack Room Shoes; earrings, etsy.

Both dresses are actually a little too big these days.  I'm not sure when to draw the line for when "a little too big" crosses the line into just "too big."  Shirt dresses are especially tough for me.  I like layering a shirt dress over a second dress, so definitely want them to fit through the upper body. By the time a shirt dress fits my lower body, it is too big for my upper body.  This shirt dress is a prime example.
Here's how I wore the same two dresses last year.  

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  1. Its definitely a very good thing; I love these layers. But, yes, I supposed if they're too big they need to go. I'm trying to purge my closet but find it hard to get rid of items that aren't quite rights but that I love.


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