Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Down Time

Sometimes you need a warm, cozy outfit on a cold, windy day.  This is that outfit.  Today is that day.  Today's challenge item, a blue sweater dress (worn as a shirt), is always on the cusp of being kicked out of my closet.  It is good for layering because it is warm (a wool blend) and fits close to the body, but it is too short to wear often as a dress and I don't think turtlenecks are the most flattering style for me.

Sweater vest, thrifted; sweater dress, thrifted; jeans, thrifted; socks, handmade and gifted (thank you, Mary Ann!); shoes, Younkers; earrings, purchased in Cozumel; necklace, craft bazaar.
Ka pow!  Photobomber!

Gadget rushed in to see what I was doing every time I leaned down to take a photo of the lovely hand-knitted socks.  I have three pairs of socks that my mother-in-law knitted for me, and they are always the first socks I grab out of the drawer.  They are warm and so comfortable.

The necklace was made by residents at a nursing home.  It is a decoupaged metal washer.  

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