Monday, August 19, 2013


I get dressed every day, but not usually with balsamic vinaigrette.  Today was one the proverbial "one of those days."  I woke up at 3.  My foot hurt so I couldn't run.  I spilled dressing on my dress.  I was just too exhausted to deal with the day with my normal optimistic aplomb.  Oh well, I'll get dressed again tomorrow, hopefully not like a salad.

Shrug, Younkers; dress,; sandals, Nordstrom Rack; earrings, etsy; bracelets, gifted and Fire Mountain Gems; anklet,. purchased in Cozumel.
Dressing spot= sad face.

I always wonder if I look as run down as I feel on days like this.  It's impossible for me to be objective because I know how much I'm dragging.  Luckily I think I can usually feign enthusiasm for long enough to get me through.  Hopefully the dressing marks will come out, and the events of this day will be washed down the drain with the laundry water.

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