Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cloning Dinosaurs

Wanna clone some dinosaurs?

Do you have an extra $195?  Cool!  Good for you!  Don't bother reading the rest of this post.  Instead, just click on the link below and buy this awesome Tyrannosaurus rex necklace by Tatty Devine.

I have loved this necklace for a couple years now, but it seems a bit silly to spend $200 on a dinosaur necklace.

I recently bought some Graphix Shrink Film (like generic Shrinky Dinks ), so the stage was set for DIY dinosaur eleganza.

Image Credit: Tatty Devine
I started by finding a image of a t-rex skeleton on the internet.  I used it for a rough idea of what to draw, but I made a much simpler line drawing than the reference image.  I took up the entire 8.5x11" sheet with my dinosaur drawing.

Since I still had space along the sides, I drew two more dino skulls for earrings.  I colored all the pieces with a black magic marker.  Tip: When drawing on shrink film you can erase mistakes with nail polish remover.

I cut the skeleton image into four pieces: head/neck/arms, ribs, legs, and tail.  I punched holes in each piece using a hole punch so I could connect the finished pieces using jump rings.

Here is what the skull earrings looked like before and after baking.  They are not identical because dinosaurs, like snowflakes, are each precious and unique.

Here is what the necklace pieces looked like before and after baking.  I was amazed by how much they shrank.  I connected the pieces with jump rings and added a chain.

I am so happy with this necklace.
Photo bomb.  I didn't notice him until
I started cropping photos.

I hosted a clothing swap Friday night, and these cute magenta moccasins found a home with me.  I'm sure I'll be sharing more swap finds in the coming days and weeks, but unfortunately I didn't think to take photos during the event.

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  1. wow, this was super creative and fun! Big head and little arms! :) Miss you!


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