Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cutting It Close

I'm on a continuing mission to become a pan-crafter.  I think this is my first time really articulating the mission, but all evidence points in that direction.  I crochet, bead, embroider,sew and knit, and I'd like to improve my skills in all those areas.  I've been pleased with my most recent foray into knitting because I took it slow and set myself up for success.  I'm attempting to do the same with sewing.

I brought almost an entire suitcase full of fabric back from India.  The prints were so beautiful, and the prices were unbelievable.  I stocked up.  Unfortunately I stocked up without a plan.  Now I have lots of fabric, and I need to find patterns that fit what I have.  Luckily Hancock Fabrics recently had a pattern sale with many $1 patterns.

The first fabric I decided to tackle was a polka dotted knit.  It was a remainder, so it had cost under $2.  I had 1 1/4 yards by 45 inches of it.  That was a bit of a problem.  Finally I found this pretty skirt from McCall's pattern M6654.  It was marked "easy."  Sounds good.

I had just enough fabric to make version "G," and it was a perfect no-stress project.  I love custom clothing, so having exactly the design and fabric I want makes me happy.

For my next project I'd like to make the cape from Simplicity Project Runway Pattern 1775.  I'm super.  I think I need a cape.
I have two choices for fabric for this pattern.  Both are fuzzy leopard prints.  If I'm going to be a super hero, I think leopard woman is most appropriate.

These fabrics didn't come from India.  They came from Hancock Fabrics.  Each was under $2 per yard. You can get good deals on fabric if you keep your eyes peeled.

Which leopard would look better in cape form?

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