Monday, February 4, 2013

Not Poinsettias

This is the second time I've worn this lace-embellished dress, but I'm afraid the first time may have tainted it for me.  I wore the dress at Christmas with a red turtleneck, and now the lacey flowers look like poinsettias to me.

Dress, thrifted; top, thrifted; tights, Target; scarf, purchased in India; shoes, Target; earrings, purchased in Las Vegas.

Adding the purple lace top and silky, printed scarf helped make the dress feel less Christmas-y.  I love this dress, but I almost never wear it because it is a very awkward length.  It is shorter than I usually wear as a dress, but it looks weird when I try to pair it with leggings too.  Maybe next time I'll try it over a slightly longer dress.  I have to figure out something because I really like this lacey bands along the sleeves and hem.

I love the water colors and fish print of this scarf, and even a light scarf like this one adds a toasty warmth to an outfit.  

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