Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stormy Weather

There was a powerful storm here last night, and it's a grey day today.  Luckily I just thrifted this cozy Woolworth sweater, so I was prepared with snuggley warmth.

Sweater, thrifted; dress, ebay; tank, Target; tights, Target; boots, Younkers; magnetic necklace and bracelet, purchased in Cozumel; earrings,; rings, various.

Hopefully this isn't a Christmas sweater.  I'm calling the little animals on it moose because they are less Christmas-y.  I love the clasps.  I will guarantee that I will repurpose them when this sweater wears out.

I found this dress on ebay, and I love the shape.  Unfortunately I couldn't tell online that it is made from incredibly thin jersey.  The material shows every lump and bump, and the neckline is cut impractically low.  That is the danger of buying clothes you can't touch in advance.  Luckily the thick sweater covered the lumps while still allowing the swirling skirt to stand out.

Tomorrow I will be going off-challenge for the day to celebrate Valentine's Day.  After that I have one more grey dress and then one white one coming up.

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