Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mary Ann: Don't Read This

I'm serious.  Don't read it.  It will spoil the surprise of your birthday present.  You can come back and read this page after your birthday.

This photo was placed here to give Mary Ann a chance to leave the page.

Image Credit: Ravelry.com

I'm not sure if Mary Ann, my very sweet mother in law, reads this blog or not, so I needed to give her a chance to skip this post.

This is the pattern for the scarf I am making for my mother in law's birthday.  It is called Nancy's Waves Scarf  Her birthday is February 8, so I had to interrupt my regularly scheduled crochet project in order to whip something up for her.

The scarf my MIL made for me.
I chose the Nancy's Waves Scarf because the pattern reminds me of the knitted scarf Mary Ann made for me for Christmas.

I am using Paton's Lace in the Porcelain colorway.  
Tonight I crocheted about 6.5 x 10inches.  The pattern calls for 6.5 x 72 inches, so I've got to work double time to get it done in time to mail.

Stephen and I have are inundated with birthdays this time of year.  We have Stephen's granddad's and great uncle's birthdays behind us, and my mom's, my brother in law's birthday and my mother in law's birthday in the next few weeks.

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