Friday, January 27, 2012

(Wo)Man of the Night's Watch

In the Song of Ice and Fire book series the Men of the Night's Watch guard the Seven Kingdoms from beings from the north.  They wear all black and better be bundled up because baby, it's cold on the wall.  You won't find me standing on a giant wall of ice fighting evil Others and frozen zombies, but today's outfit was inspired by SoIaF.  I tried it with a black dress and black boots, but it was just too much black for a Friday.

I wandered around on my photo shoot today, lots of pictures, great scenery, not so great close-ups.


Suede vest, thrifted; turtleneck sweater, George, Walmart; jeans, Bandolino Blu, Younkers; shoes, Naturalizer, Younkers; necklace and earrings, TrinketsByM, etsy.

I love the furry trim on this vest.  I'm not sure whether it is really fur or not (since I got the vest at a thrift store), but it is soft and warm.

Today is my mom's birthday.  Happy birthday to the woman who made me and made me "me."

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